Boiron Roxalia

  • Boiron Roxalia


Homeopathic medicine used for the relief of sore throat and hoarseness.


Adults and children from 2 years of age and older
Take 2 tablets every 2 hours, up to 6 times a day.
Chew tablets and allow to dissolve. Reduce frequency with improvement.


Medicinal Ingredients
Arnica montana 3CH
Arum triphyllum 3CH
Belladonna 3CH
Bromum 3CH
Bryonia 3CH
Mercurius solubilis
Hahnemanni 3CH
Phytolacca decandra 3CH
Pulsatilla 3CH
Spongia tosta 3CH

Non-Medicinal Ingredients
Magnesium stearate


Type Homeopathic Treatment
Vendor Boiron
Tags sore throat

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