AOR Postbiotic Boost

  • AOR Postbiotic Boost


Supports healthy weight management

  • Promotes visceral fat reduction
  • Enhances energy and lipid metabolism
  • Contains heat treated Bifidobacterium lactis, BPL1
  • Increases feelings of satiety

    Balancing our gut bacteria influences multiple aspects of our health and studies confer the benefits of a healthy microbiome with improved cognition, nutrition and immune function. Where prebiotics are the soluble and insoluble fibres that our intestinal microbiota feed on, probiotics are the gut microbes themselves. Postbiotics are the substances released or produced through the metabolic activity of probiotics consuming prebiotics, providing beneficial effects to the host whose gut they inhabit.

    Postbiotic Boost contains heat-treated Bifidobacterium lactis, BPL1®. BPL1® has been shown to support healthy weight management, demonstrating positive effects on metabolic health markers including reduced waist circumference and visceral fat reduction in animal models and in human clinical trials. Reduction of visceral fat has been linked to reduced cardiovascular risk. BPL1® helps to enhance satiety while delivering strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Those looking to support their weight management efforts alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise may benefit from Postbiotic Boost.


    Postbiotic Boost contains heat-treated Bifidobacterium lactis, BPL1® to deliver probiotic benefits without any live cultures, thus eliminating any associated risks.

    Type Supplement
    Vendor AOR
    Tags made in Canada, probiotic, weight loss

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