Boiron Quietude - Restlessness

  • Boiron Quietude - Restlessness
  • Boiron Quietude - Restlessness


Quietude® helps treat restlessness and related problems, such as difficulty falling and staying asleep, in children and babies aged 6 months and older.

Winding down and going to bed can be a challenge for some children. That’s why there’s Quietude®.


Quietude® relieves restlessness and minor sleeping problems such as nightmares and occasional insomnia, so your whole family can sleep easier. Quietude® does not create dependence. And now that it’s available in sterile water–based unit-doses, it’s simpler than ever to use and administer!


Quietude is a homeopathic medicine used for restlessness and disorders associated with restlessness such as irritability and mild sleeping disorders (occasional sleeplessness, nightmares and night terrors).

Type Homeopathic Treatment
Vendor Boiron
Tags baby, sleep

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