Riversol Gel Cleanser & Micellar Water Gift Set

  • Riversol Gel Cleanser & Micellar Water Gift Set

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Gel Cleanser & Micellar Water Gift Set

Our best-selling gel cleanser to gently clean sensitive skin paired with a complimentary travel sized micellar water.

  • Remove impurities gently without over drying skin
  • Remove waterproof, or long-wear make-up without irritation

A $39 value for only $29!

How to Use

Step 1

Apply Micellar Water onto areas with make-up using a cotton pad or the Microfibre Make-up Removal Facecloth. Gently wipe without scrubbing.

Step 2

Dampen face with warm, tepid water. Pour a dime amount into wet palm of hand and apply on the face. Massage all over skin in circular motions, including neck, eyebrows and closed eyes. Rinse away with clean warm water. Use cool water if skin is irritated because of warmer temperatures. If you wear makeup, a second cleanse may ensure it is completely clear of debris. For best results, use twice a day, morning and night.


Type Clinical Skin Care
Vendor Riversol
Tags travel

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