Laundry Tarts Dryer Balls

  • Laundry Tarts Dryer Balls


Sweeten, soften and reduce static with our 100% fair trade wool dryer balls. As an alternative to chemical dryer sheets and PVC balls, these Tumblers last up to 5 years and can be paired with any one of our signature scenting kits for the sweetest clothes in town!

Our Tumbler Tart Dryer Balls draw moisture away and absorb (which cuts down on dry time and energy), reducing static and wrinkles, softening naturally without any conventional chemicals or artificial softeners, are PVC free and felted to the core (which means they will not unravel or tangle). Our Tumblers are also noise free which means you can use them any time of the day at no risk to your machine or your ears. 

For those who want a truly sweet load of laundry, our re-scenting kits are available in all our signature essential oil based dessert scents. Available in a 15ml dropper bottle, simply drop fragrance directly on the ball for desired scent.  As always, our fragrances are a blend of essential oils, plant extracts and absolutes free of phthalates and dioxins so you can feel good about what is going on your clothes and out of your laundry vent. 

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