Lorna Vanderhaege ADRENAsmart

  • Lorna Vanderhaege ADRENAsmart
  • Lorna Vanderhaege ADRENAsmart
  • Lorna Vanderhaege ADRENAsmart
  • Lorna Vanderhaege ADRENAsmart


What to expect from this product: 
  •  Helps us handle stress better
  •  Supports healthy hormone function
  •  For cardiovascular health
  •  To improve endurance
  •  Aids deep, restful sleep
  •  Stops night-time waking
  •  Normalizes cortisol, our stress hormone
  •  Balances mood
  •  Improves mental clarity
Symptoms of Adrenal Exhaustion 
  • You fall asleep but wake up several hours later and are unable to fall back to sleep
  • You crave salt
  •  You need coffee or other stimulants to get you going
  •  You have difficulty handling stress
  •  You have gained belly fat without changing your diet
  •  You find you are emotional and cry for no reason
  •  For men: you develop a beer belly and breasts
The adrenal glands help us deal with stress. When we are doing too much, not eating well or not getting adequate rest, the adrenals become exhausted. We need our adrenals to function optimally because they are our back-up hormone system when our ovaries take a much-needed rest. Women who have exhausted adrenals have terrible menopausal symptoms. The adrenals make cortisol, our stress hormone, as well as progesterone, DHEA, testosterone and estrogen. ADRENAsmartTM works fast to aid adrenal function. 
Rhodiola Rosea Extract increases resistance of the body to chemical, biological and physical stressors. In Russia it has been used for centuries and has very powerful anti-aging and anti-stress activity. Rhodiola enhances mental and physical performance and is more powerful than other adaptogens (see below). Most adaptogens are warming in nature but Rhodiola is cooling and as a result is useful for menopausal women. It has been proven to enhance the immune system and to have anti-depressive and anti-tumor activity. Studies also show that Rhodiola regulates the heart by increasing oxygen utilization. 
Suma is called 'para todo' which means 'for everything'. It is considered a regenerative tonic for the nervous, reproductive and digestive systems and is used to treat hormonal disorders, sexual dysfunction, sterility, arteriosclerosis, fatigue, diabetes, cancer and many types of stress. 
Schisandra Berry is commonly used as a general tonic and to promote liver health. It counters the effects of stress and fatigue. Studies show it has normalizing effects in cases of insomnia and nervousness. It improves physical endurance, mental capability and is liver-protective. Schisandra berry has also been found to have antioxidant and antibacterial properties. 
New Sensoril Ashwagandha helps shield the body against the negative effects of stress via the unique compounds that mimic cortisol, the body's own stress- reducing hormones. ADRENAsmartTM contains an extremely high quality Ashwagandha called Sensoril. Sensoril has randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled human trials for improving mental clarity, energy, cardiovascular health, weight management and blood sugar balancing. 

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Vendor Lorna Vanderhaege
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